Fibre to the Premises and NBN in Western Australia

Your home may be located in an area that receives telephone and broadband internet services through underground Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) technology, some FTTP providers also include free to air TV, pay TV over the fibre, if you live in or are building in a new FTTP estate your home will need to be cabled correctly in order to receive these services.

What is FTTP?

FTTP revolutionises how services are delivered into your home by using underground fibre optic cabling as opposed to traditional copper methods such as ADSL and conventional telephone landlines. Fibre to the Premises supersedes copper telecommunications technology and opens the doors to new and exciting innovations that have emerged due to the availability of super-fast broadband networks.

Why do I need it?

Super-fast broadband internet, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) that can potentially stream hundreds of internet based TV stations straight to your TV and video conferencing are only some of the services that will benefit the end user. The Australian Federal Government’s push to upgrade the nation’s broadband services will ensure Australia’s position as a global leader in broadband internet technology; your home must be ready for the NBN to get the benefits.