My home cabling has now been “fit off”. What does this mean?

Your Intelligent Home wiring is generally run at the same time as your electrical wiring. By ‘fit off’ stage, your cabling will be complete and your wall outlets (TV, phone and data points) will be terminated with cover plates.

I have a 3 Point Pack, how do I connect my phone and internet services?

Connection to your services will vary depending on what type of service is available to you. Click here to download our 3 Point Pack connection guide. It provides step by step instructions on how to connect your phone and internet services.

When and how do I select a phone and internet service provider?

Moving your services or opening a new connection can take time, so it is advisable to start the process as your home is nearing completion (fit off stage is recommended). The first step is to locate your communications conduit on site. This generally runs from your meter box location to the communications pit in the verge. If you suspect that there is an issue with your conduit or if it is missing, contact your builder immediately. We also recommend that you delay the commencement of any hard-scaping or land-scaping over the conduit until after you are connected – just in case!

From here, the connection process varies depending on your network service provider and the type of service they deliver. For example, you may be building in an area with upgraded fibre technology and you may not require a TV antenna. Our Connections Guide breaks down the various delivery methods and contains step by step connection information for each service provider. To download the latest copy click here.

If you need advice on what nbn internet speed is best for you click here.

Confused about data usage? For more information on data requirements for streaming movies and TV shows click here.

Do I need to pay a nbn connection fee?

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding nbn costs. Although a standard installation of nbn equipment is free of charge, the connection to your internet and phone retail service provider can attract a set up or activation fee. For a full explanation of the nbn new developments charge click here.

Why is there cabling coming out of the wall near my meter box after my services have been connected?

The ‘fibre bridge’ is a series of cables required for the connection of current, and in some cases, future communication services. Depending on the combination of cables required for your specific home connection, spare cables can be utilised if there is a change in your services in the future, or if additional wiring needs to be extended to a front gate location. Cables can not be tidied until your home services are connected and they will be covered by our technicians at your system handover.

Help! I can’t open my smart wire panel.

There are 2 keys supplied with every smart wire panel. One key will be left in the top lock of your panel door and the other key is located inside the lower right hand side of the panel. Occasionally keys can go missing! If you are unable to locate your keys please contact our office for a replacement.

How do my TV Wall Provisions (conduits) work?

The blank wall plates in your audio visual area cover the entry points to conduits that are housed inside the wall. These 25mm external (23mm internal) diameter conduits will be used to conceal interconnecting cables between your TV and audio visual equipment. In order to access the conduits, the wall plates should be removed entirely or your TV installer can cut holes through the covers with a hole saw. Due to size restrictions, TV power cables with large IEC 3 pin plugs, or fixed power leads will require modification by an electrician or licensed TV installer prior to feeding them through. Some TVs are supplied with figure 8 style power cables and do not require modification.

When purchasing cables or engaging a TV installer, it is important to note the internal 21mm conduit size. Selecting HDMI cables with large head connectors in particular, causes issues on site with a less than desirable installation result. No one wants to see cables running down the wall! Thankfully, HDMI cables are available in a variety of sizes and we recommend using slim cables with a head connector no larger than 20mm in width.

A note on cavity walls: TV Wall Provisions on cavity walls will be installed using either 25mm conduits or wall boxes with draw wires only. The installation method will be determined by the on-site installers.

If you are uncertain about what cables are suitable for your installation, or you don’t know where to start, we strongly recommend that you contact your original Intelligent Home sales consultant. They will happily advise you, supply cables over the counter or arrange your TV installation as required.

How does my speaker pre-wire cabling work?

Speaker cable is covered in either a pink or yellow sheath. The cable carries 2 pairs of wires (for left and right speakers) and is looped through your wallpates. If you are installing your own speakers and you need more information regarding speaker terminals, stripping cable and installing your equipment click here for our speaker cabling guide.

When do Intelligent Home installers attend site during the construction of my new home?

If you are building a new home, Intelligent Home will generally need to attend site at the same time as your electrician. Detailed call-up requirements for construction can be found in our Intelligent Home call up schedule document. If you have any concerns regarding call-ups to site, please call our office on 6363 8744.

Who is responsible for calling Intelligent Home installers to attend site during the construction of my new home?

If the Intelligent Home scope of work is included in your building contract then your builder will be responsible for scheduling installers to site. If you are paying Intelligent Home for works directly, then you will be responsible for call-ups (unless a prior arrangement has been confirmed with your builder).