I’ve just received my keys from the builder and I don’t know what to do, help!

Intelligent Home provides a complimentary Smart Wire and Security handover which is valid for 6 months from builder handover. During your handover a technician will check that your system is operating correctly and run through its features and operation with you.

Smart Wiring (duration – up to 30 mins)
• Show you how the patch panel works.
• Make sure the telephone line is connected and working.
• Check the TV signal is ok and antenna cabling is functioning.
• Ensure the internet connection to the panel and the nominated wall outlet is working.
• Install your network switch (if purchased with your system).

Security (duration – up to 30 mins)
• Explain how the security system works and how to use the keypad.
• Program your codes into the keypad or show you how to program codes and let you do it yourself.
• Connect and program monitoring if supplied by Intelligent Home.

Important note: If necessary, our technicians can provide over the phone instructions on how to set up your security system prior to handover. Failure to start up your system correctly can wipe programming from the alarm panel. 

3 Point Packs
Our standard 3 Point Pack does not include a complimentary handover. These systems are generally easy to use and do not require explanation by a service technician. However if you have concerns, a handover can be booked for a fee of $186.

Due to issues with on-site theft, your intercom will be fit off at handover stage (if purchased with your system).

Service Connections
Your TV antenna, phone line and internet should be connected before booking your handover. If these services are unavailable we will not be able to complete an effective handover. Charges will apply for additional handovers.

To book in your handover, use the form below or call our office and request a call back from our service department. Please have your details ready, such as your job number and site address. Our service department will call you back within 24 hours to arrange a suitable time for a technician to visit your home.